"Singlehandedly the greatest experience of my life (times 4). I made life long friends, found myself and truely found God here. The people are beyond amazing and I count down the next 3 years until I can return as an adult!"


"Coming here for the very first time, I was terrified. I was put in a group full of people who I didn't know and they didn't know me. However, through these Youth and Small Group Leaders, I was able to Find Jesus Christ, bond with people, share our struggles, and come out a more faithful believer, listener, and friend. This experience has changed my life completely and cannot wait for next years meeting."


"Synod Youth Workshop is a truly AMAZING experience for Presbyterian youth. I grew up in a small church with almost no youth; so seeing such a collection of young people so energized about God really blew me away. My four years at SYW changed my life and made me the woman I am today. My greatest and funniest memories are with my presbies and I miss them everyday!! PIGEON!!"


“SYW is a thin place between heaven and earth! I always come away from SYW blessed and encouraged by the love shared and received. Every year I am amazed by how God is working in our lives! His grace is evident!”

"Wonderful times full of energy and God's love! Great experience with awesome youth and adults!"


"The Synod Youth Workshop has been a life-changing experience for my daughter. We thank God for all the work and commitment that went into making this possible. God bless you all!!!"